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Meet Kylie...

'Alchemy' was born out of noticing the need for connection, freedom of choice and healing in the world right now. 

Kylie is an holistic practitioner, peer coach and mentor who has a natural way of weaving together her experience in several walks of life; including the path over the last 17 years in settings such as Child Protection and Out of Home Care as well as Mental Health, Domestic and Intimate Partner Abuse as well as Justice. 


She brings presence, curiosity, empathy, nurture and patience in supporting people’s unique processes to unfold safely and in their own time. She shows an unconditional acceptance for all that is and weaves from a place of integrity and authenticity. Kylie greatly values nurturing the strength and wisdom already inside you  and enjoys shining a light on these qualities so that you are able to see them for yourself. 


The Process is Simple

01. Self refer via our connect page 

02. We will respond to arrange an initial chat and, pending whether 'Alchemy' is suited to your needs, we will go ahead to step 3.

03.  Establish session date, time and location to meet ('Alchemy' offers in person and zoom/phone sessions)

A little more about Kylie...

Kylie is a survivor, advocate, coach and mentor. Kylie takes great value in the wisdom she has discovered through her own experiences of, at times, feeling unloved, unheard and unseen; both as a young person and as an adult. 

Kylie loves wandering around barefoot, exploring all that there is on offer. Kylie enjoys spending time with friends and family (both the fur kind and the human kind). True presence and connection is key to the relationships Kylie offers and seeks in the world.


Kylie has an educational background in Community Services and Social Work and Human Services. Kylie has over 17 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector with organisations dedicated to the safety, health and wellbeing of children, young people and adults.


Throughout her years of experience Kylie has had the opportunity to learn about and participate in a variety of educational and therapeutic approaches and work alongside inspiring mentors who aligned with Kylie’s values and supported her growth and development as a human first and practitioner second. Kylie also got the opportunity to experience and witness some of the failings of our systems and supports that remain rigid and inflexible and fail to see the unique qualities and needs of those right in front of them, needing support.


Kylie greatly values the opportunity to offer freedom of choice to those who seek her support, Whilst able to offer a safe container of support from various indoor locations on the North Coast of NSW as well as remote digital platforms (when needed), Kylie prides herself on offering sessions outside, among nature, connected with the extra nourishment that can so often be felt by wandering along barefoot in connection with the earth beneath.

 Heart Centred Values

The guiding light behind all that we do and all that we are here at 'Alchemy'


Safe connections are core to leading meaningful lives.


Show up as your true self- all is welcome here.


The choice is always yours.


We all have it within us to be what we need.

What can I expect from Kylie?

Here's what she says...


Using the relationship with me, sessions are held in a safe and co-regulated way. Together we will create a space that supports your highest potential no matter what you are needing. Each session is unique and influenced by your intention for that particular session and our ongoing work together. with whatever it is that you are seeking. Our journey together will encourage you to grow and expand in a safe and supported way. You will also develop a tool kit of practical skills for everyday living and embodiment. I like to bring the elements of laughter and play into our sessions together. Sometimes when we are working through some big things, it can be an asset to be able to balance that out by having a laugh and letting our sense of adventurousness and wonder come to the table.

You and I will stay in close contact throughout your sessions to make sure we are staying within your nervous system's window of tolerance. This is particularly essential when working with trauma and wanting to ensure safety and stability within yourself. Each session builds upon each other. The deepest and most sustainable changes take place when we commit ourselves to the ongoing process of nurture and development. It takes time to practice and learn new skills and integrate this within our selves; which is why ongoing session work is recommended. I also sometimes give suggestions of things to try in between sessions to support you in your daily life.

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